Random thought of the day: Cycle of Routine

“As long as habit and routine dictate the pattern of living, new dimensions of the soul will not emerge” – Henry Van Dyke

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a depressing cycle of life or routine?

You can say I’m a pretty carefree person because this thought have never came across my mind before, but then life hits me. We are living in a busy world, so busy that only when life hits you hard that you decide to pause for a second and think about what you have been doing, what is going on with your life and where you are in life right now.

These last few weeks my life is in a bad shape. I’m not saying that it’s the worst, because I’m pretty sure there’s more to come (It’s a universal knowledge that life’s a b*tch). There are just so many things on my plate that I have to take in and deal with right now. That’s what got me thinking about my routine, my accomplishments, and basically, my overall life aspects.

I wake up to my alarm at 6:50 AM, get ready, then drive to work. Exactly at 12:10 PM, I walk/drive to find a place to eat for lunch, then come back to the office. At 5 PM or 6 PM (sometimes even 7PM), I leave work and go straight to home. I get home, clean up, eat dinner, watch netflix, scroll through social media, then go to bed. To summarize my day: wake up, shower, drive, eat, work, drive, eat, work, drive, shower, eat, sleep. That’s it! I do the same things at the same hour EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I’m stuck in a routine! Day after day. Week after week. The same things happen. I feel trapped! What’s even worse is that I’m too exhausted and depressed to do other things after a long and boring day at work. The first thought that pops up in my mind first thing when I woke up is “here we go again- my life routine”. It’s like same shit, different day. There’s nothing that life can throw at me and comes as a surprise anymore (for now at least). I ate the same breakfast. Same route to work. Same traffic. Same lunch. Same tasks to do at work. Everything just happens consecutively in the same order and at the same hours as the previous day. At this moment, I feel like my life is identical to the movie “Before I Fall”.

Is there something else I should be doing in life? I feel like there’s something more I should be doing in life. I’ve been living my life so safe and that is  pathetic and boring. I want more out of life and to achieve that, I need to do more.

I really need to break the cycle and do something with my life, otherwise this is going to be my routine for the rest of my life and I DO NOT like that.



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