OOTM? Outfit of the month

Hello, folks!

May has ended and here comes June. If you’re living in Cambodia like I do, you’d know that June is mainly characterized by constant showers! If you’re not, then congratulations on your upcoming Summer! I hope you guys have fun sunbathing, while I’ll be here sitting on my bed bawling my eyes out wishing the rain would stop.

Anyway, I’m not here to complain about the weather. I’d like to share with you my outfit of the month (cus it’s the first time in a month that I’ve done an ootd) which I super love. Every pieces of this outfit is simple and basic, but when pairing them altogether, it somehow creates a fashionable and classy look, which is something I always go for.

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The shirt is from Russian Market. For only $10, I think this shirt does have a pretty decent material. It’s stretchy, but still fit looking. I got it in the smallest size, but it was quite loose on me, so I decided to take it to the tailor so she can do her magic. And, voila! It fits like a glove now. For slim fit button up shirt, I like wearing them buttoned up to the neck. I either do that or loose at least 3 buttons unbuttoned. There’s nothing in between.

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Ripped jeans is kinda my thing right now. I just got this knee-ripped one from ASOS a few weeks ago. I just like the fit of jeans from ASOS. Length-wise, meh… I’m a petite, so jeans from all kinds of brands are too long for me. Anyway, regardless of that, almost all of the jeans in my closet are from ASOS. Considering their jeans quality and fitting, I think their price are pretty reasonable. Personally, I am willing to spend $40-ish on jeans that complement me and last over a considerate period of time, rather than spend 10 – 20 bucks on jeans that make my butt look saggy and shrink right after I throw them in the washing machine. I also love the fact that they have excellent shipping service.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The heels are from Michael Kors. I opted for high heels because my guts told me I gotta take advantage of the dry ground now as much as possible before the rainy season fully launched.

This is it for now. Stay dry, everybody!




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  1. Rosy says:

    Hey cutie! Love your blog and your style. Let’s follow each other?


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