The Beautiful Kep and Kompot

Howdy, guys!

I went on another trip y’all!!! Two weeks ago, I and my boyfriend went down to Kampot and Kep for the holiday. Well, technically we only passed by Kompot. I feel like we’re an old couple, because unlike the other young and energetic couples, all we want to do during our getaway is just relax and chill- not doing some great adventurous stuff. I guess it’s on account of us living in a city that the traffic is jammed 24/7 and that we are just too tired of the ups and downs and craziness in our lives. All we want for pampering ourselves are nature, beach, fresh air and a good book. This is actually the 2nd time we went to Kep and Kompot together- the first time we went was in October 2016, but it felt like forever ago. I guess we just couldn’t get enough of the chill vibe of these 2 breathtaking provinces.

Our initial plan was to stay at Kompot overnight before continuing the trip to Kep, but sadly, we didn’t get to do that. Since luck wasn’t on our side, Greenhouse, our favorite place to stay, was fully booked for the weekends. We didn’t want to stay at any other places since only Greenhouse side of the river was probably the cleanest side. On account of that unfortunate event, we only stopped by Kompot for a few hours to take some pictures for our “Yellow Project” and DURIAN! Yes, DURIAN as in that spiky fruit which Richard Sterling described as “… its odor is best described as pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock. It can be smelled from yards away.” I could literally eat half of that 2kg fruit at once all by myself. I think there should be a medal or something for me.

Upon our arrival at Kep, we headed directly to the one and only crap market to buy some freshly cooked seafood and picnicked at a rented spot by the beach. It was not until later when a group of people rented the spot next to us and play loud remix and metal music that our moment was ruined. I mean honestly, who plays that kind of music at the beach in the middle of the afternoon during lunch?

We, then, drove to our resort, Le Flamboyant, to check in and freshen up. I and my boyfriend wanted to rent bicycles to explore the town and feel the fresh air. However, too bad all bicycles were rented out. So with a slight change of plan, we saved that fresh air indulging plan for our 2nd day and decided to go for a swim and chill by the pool instead. I love the resort we stayed at- the room was cleaned and almost every inch of the resort premises were covered in greens.

On a side note, DO NOT get in their pools guys! Please do not be fooled by their blue crystal clear water like I did, because they have the dirtiest and smelliest pools I’ve ever encountered. I came straight back to our room, took the most thorough shower I’ve ever had, and stepped out to read on the terrace outside our bungalow instead.

For late lunch, we ate at KIM LY restaurant near crap market; their food was fairly good. Afterwards, we drove around a little bit, then my boyfriend insisted on stopping at a particular spot and waited for sunset so he could take countless pictures of it. I, being the best and coolest girlfriend ever, agreed and waited with him for 2 hours. After taking over a million sunset pictures (or maybe more), my boyfriend were finally satisfied and agreed to continue our day. Just kidding. I was happy to see him enjoying what he did and being so in the moment.


In the evening, we went for a drink at The Sailing Club lounge in Tngai Bang Chhat resort. At that place, there is a small pier on the sea where you can lie down and watch the stars. That was exactly what we did and where we spent the rest of the night. It was perfect.

On our second day, we stayed in a little late. After our late breakfast, we recommenced our exploring-and-feeling-the-fresh-air plan. However, the mode of transport was changed. We, basically, chickened out. Well, to be honest, I chickened out. Cycling through all parts of that hilly town was too intense for me. So, we rented a motorbike instead. I recommend you guys do that if you got a chance to visit Kep. It’s a very beautiful beach city with the sight of hills, trees and greenery every you go. It really clears my head and relaxes my mind. If I were rich enough to build/buy a vacation home, that’s where it’s going to be.


We rode through every part of the town, stopped for pictures, and especially, went up the hill (Kep National Park). It’s my favorite part of this trip. We used to trek up the park once when we were here before, but we didn’t go all the way through the park. I was an amateur and too tired to finish the trek. My boyfriend, on the other hand, was anything but an amateur. He not only used to trek around the park, but also hiked up the hill to Sunset Rock. So, to complete my wishlist, we rode up the park (thankfully that was not prohibited) and although the road was quite rough, we made it all the way down to the end of the trail. It took us 2 hours to finish the ride.

After our ride, we had lunch and came back to our room. We didn’t do any activities during that afternoon other than taking a few-hour siesta and stayed in watching a movie until we starved for dinner.

Since The Sailing Club was just right across the street from our resort, that was where we had dinner. Their food was scrumptious! It was quite pricey comparing to the other restaurants in town, but definitely worth it.

After dinner we came back to our room, slept through the rain, woke up, had breakfast, and left for home. I guess that’s the end of our trip. I had the best time ever! Great view, great vibe, great book, and more importantly, great company. What else could I ask for?




Below are some more random pictures I’ve taken during our trip.


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