The Perfect Pleated Skirt

Top – From Central Market

Skirt – From ESQ (ttp)

Shoes – Pedro

Wallet – Michael Kors

This is the perfect pleated skirt I’ve ever owned! Some of you may have a different definition of a perfect pleat, but this is mine.

I don’t know whether or not pleated skirt is still in trend, but I recalled that it was around mid/late last year that everywhere I go, every Instagram pictures I’ve seen, pleated were always in my sight. I have always envied how good those people look in them. Since then, I was on the hunt for a perfect one. To some, finding the perfect pleated skirt isn’t hard, but it is for me. Maybe I am too picky? The 3 things I’ve been on the look for in pleated skirt are: 1. The length is right. I’ll let you on a little secret of mine. *whisper* I’m only five foot two, meaning the longer the length of the skirt is, the shorter I will look. 2. Neutral color. I’m the queen of neutral. 3. The material is not too thin. I don’t want the skirt to drape down on my non-existent hip. Too thick of a material is also a no no. I still want my skirt to be flowy-able(?). 

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Last Saturday, on my usual shopaholic weekly-patrol at my favorite shop, I stumbled across this perfect pleated skirt. My heart skipped a beat and there were butterflies in my stomach. That moment was not much different than when I first saw my boyfriend (Sorry, babe). And, you know… Like in the movie scene when everything around you just blurs out and only that particular thing shines and calls out your name?

With my hand firmly held onto the skirt, I immediately trotted to the fitting room. I would have ran toward it, but I calmed and told myself to be cool. Haha.. Just kidding! I weren’t that thrilled. I was excited, but not that thrilled.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

What I love most about this skirt is the feel of its faux suede material. Truth be told: I’ve never owned a faux suede clothing piece ever in my life. I don’t know. I guess I just never found something I like in that material. Now I finally found one! Its length is just right below my knees, which is perfect.

For the first outing with my new pleat, I decided to put on this white chiffon sleeveless shirt and paired it with my black sandals. If I were to join a party or go out on a date, I would accessorize to spice up the outfit a little bit. Also, I would opt for high heels for a classy look. However, since I only went out running some errands, I decided to go for flats instead.

I would definitely post another ootd of me dressing up this skirt for a special occasion. Can’t wait to see how it would turn out! Anyway, that is it for now.





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